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Ultra Extended UTV Top - Overhangs Over Rear Bed

Ranch Armor brings the first one-piece UTV top that extends from the front of the UTV all the way to the rear of bed. The roof is supported by a sub-frame under the sheet metal shell in combination with the side racks. Holds plenty of weight and is very...

Yamaha Viking 6 (IV) Metal Roof

Yamaha Viking 6 crew metal roof is here! A true one-piece metal top for the Viking VI UTV. We were the first to offer a metal one-piece top for the Viking's. The reason we are first, and you're probably asking why didn't anyone else make it or why is...

Yamaha Viking High Seat

First true BOLT-ON Yamaha Viking High Seat. Our high seats are built with pride and functionality. We made sure that when designing a high seat for the Yamama Viking, that it could with minimal effort securely BOLT DOWN to the side rails of the bed...