Shipping & How We Do It! 

We can ship to virtually any address in the world. We take great pride in making sure every item makes it safely to your destination. Even large freight items (UTV Tops, High Seats, Bumpers, etc...) are meticulously packaged on over-engineered shipping pallets we build and prepare 100% in-house. Rest assured, we do everything possible to make your experience great! 

When you place an order the item(s) will either be in stock or have to be built up. Therefore, shipping time varies depending on availability. If item(s) are in stock, we try our absolute best to get those out same day, if not next day for sure. If item(s) is out of stock OR has to be built-up, we will give you an estimated ship date. We always provide tracking information for all shipments that leave our location. 

Please note that LTL/Freight shipments always have to have someone to sign for the item(s), or they will NOT be delivered. Ground packages can ship without signature required. 


Although, we strive to make sure your items BIG and SMALL are packed extremely well, sometimes negligence by the carriers and shipping companies that are handling your items occurs.

  • IF YOU receive your freight or package(s) and there appears to be significant damage, you must either ACCEPT OR DENY the shipment(s).
  • IF YOU ACCEPT, you understand that the freight and any damage that has occurred is NOT the responsibility of the freight/shipping carrier, or Texas Outdoors, period.
  • If you DENY the freight or package(s), we will file a claim and do our best to get you a replacement quickly. Replacement items can take up to 2-4 weeks depending on production backlog, but we ALWAYS try to get them out quickly.

If you have accepted the freight, and realize later there was damage, you can contact the freight company and file a claim. We can help by sending a value for the said damage. 

Please know, we want our items to get to you in perfect condition, every time. It is physically impossible, and damage does happen. We hope that you let us handle it on your behalf so we can make sure you're a happy customer.