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Yamaha Viking High Seat (Bed Rail Bolt-On)

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First true BOLT-ON Yamaha Viking High Seat. Our high seats are built with pride and functionality. We made sure that when designing a high seat for the Yamama Viking, that it could with minimal effort securely BOLT DOWN to the side rails of the bed. Viking's already have a hand above most other UTV brands with a stronger metal constructed bed, as opposed to plastic. Utilizing 6 factory holes in total (3 on each side) are slotted into the high seat's 2"x2"x3/16" thick angle iron foundation. Basket up top for your favorite beverage or gadgets as well as a bottom REMOVEABLE storage basket give you plenty of ears to store items safely. Our storage baskets all utilize expanded metal mesh that wraps the entire frames, while more time consuming and difficult in terms of processing, the results and craftsmanship speak for itself. 

You have the option to have your Viking high seat coated with: standard textured powder coat (included in price), a wrinkle/cracked rough moderate textured powder coat ($75.00 extra), or sprayed with Amerigaurd bed-liner ($100.00 extra) depending on the look and needs of your UTV.

The seats and cushions are another game changer for the high seat world. We are very proud to use a material that is stronger and MUCH more durable then vinly, it's called cell cloth. It is 100% water resistant, 3 layer UV canvas that is popularly used in the automotive world for converitble tops. It doesn't rip easily, it doesn't stretch, and it can take a beating from the sun and weather. Easily cleans with water and a microfiber towel. 

Yamaha Viking High Seat Detailed Specifications Coming Soon:

Important Note: As of January 1, 2016 the under-carriage removeable basket is an optional upgrade. The cost of the under-carriage basket is $195.00.


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