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Pick-up High Seat Full-Size Truck Beds

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A pick-up high seat that is deisgned to take advantage of as much useable bed space as possible. We will be adding additional details shortly. We can ship seat or do a local outfit. If a local outfit is performed, we will HIGHLY recommend the use of welded-in slays that will allow the pick-up high seat to bolt-down securely to the truck bed. Also encouraged is having pick-up bed bed-lined fresh along with the seat itself to ensure a tightly sealed liner on all components. The Amerigaurd liner that is sprayed has multiple color options. 

Some of the options below are common add-ons. Please contact us to discuss further, if you don't see an option or something you are looking for it doesn't mean we can't do it. If you can dream it, chances are we can make it happen! 

Pick-Up High Seat Options & Add-ons

  • Winch mounting
  • Lighting and accessory night-time aid
  • Additional baskets
  • Roll-Bar and tree limb safety slides
  • Wrap-around rifle rest with padding
  • Dual row (4-6 passenger) high seat setup. Two seats, stadium seating style where front row sits lower then rear.
  • Cooler storage
  • Game hoist
  • Custom high-end upholstery


Ford Pick-Up High Seat Full Size Bed Rear Mounted

Pick-up Rear Hunting Seat Side View with Ladders Down


Underside Pick-Up High Seat Bed Mounts Close Up


Pick-Up High Seat Close Up of Basket and Welds Side View


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