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Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT Flat Metal Roof (Opt. Dump Door)

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Our new sporty flat top Kawasaki Mule Pro DXT top is here and available now. If you don't dig the racks or maybe have clearance issues the flat top design is perfect for you. We think they look great! Very sport and sleek. Don't worry, it's still incredibly strong with it's tube/channel frame design supporting it. 

We offer all of our crew tops including the Mule Pro FXT metal flat top top in a standard length and an extended version we call the Safari top. Our extended safari tops add an additional 14 inches of front lip overhang. The overhang gives another level of comfort from the elements including: shade, and rain protection. For the Pro FXT and the windshield we couple it with, no interference at all! In some of our images you will see with and without the Safari top.

LED Light Bar(s) Shown in first picture is a 51 inch single row LED light bar mounted on front lip of top below roof line to remain flush with top of metal flat section of roof. Second vehicle (3rd picture) below is a 50" Dual Row (White/Red Combo) that a customer wanted mounted under his front lip/overhang of metal top to keep clearance down for easy storage fitment. Light bars are optional. 

Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT Flat Top Metal Roof Specs

  • Steel Construction with steel tubular/channel/Ai sub-frame
  • Textured Powder Coat standard
  • 14 Gauge Steel Shell 
  • Upper Square Tube Rails (standard) utilizing 1" x 1" steel tube for a rugged and sturdy anchor point. 
  • Rain “Gutters” Front & Rear
  • Direct fitment using factory holes. Easily bolts on using 4 bolts with no modification. 
  • Lifetime Warranty on construction

Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT Flat Top EXTERIOR OPTIONS:

  • RanchArmor Premium Roof Racks: $250 (standard option is square tubing rails)
  • Extended Roof/Safari Option: $150
  • Dump Door Option: $250
  • Rear Access Rack/Bar Option: $45-$90 (closes off rear of roof. Roof comes standard with front and side racks)
  • Bed Liner Coating Upgrade: $250 (actual Rhino Brand Bed-Liner)


  • Front of Roof
    • Curved
    • Straight
    • Work Lights
    • Combo: Front Center Light Bar with Corner POD/Work Lights Side Shooters
  • Side of Roof
    • Straight
    • Work Lights
  • Rear of Roof
    • Curved
    • Straight
    • Work Lights
  • Interior of Roof
    • Dome Light (1 or 2)


  • RanchArmor Stereo Enclosure Level 1: $999.00 - 2 Kicker Marine Speakers, JVC Marine Head-unit, 2 Cockpit Interior LED Lights, Removable metal switch panel (controls all lights with rocker switches & gives access to relays & fuses)
  • RanchArmor Stereo Enclosure Level 2: $1799.00 - 4 Kicker Marine Speakers, Auxiliary Marine Amplifier, JVC Marine Head-unit, 4 Cockpit Interior LED Lights, Removable metal switch panel (controls all lights with rocker switches & gives access to relays & fuses)
  • HiFonics Thor 6 or Thor 10 Sound Bar. Both Speakers are full marine/outdoor use ready. Bluetooth and Aux Connectivity. Underside LED Color-changing Light Strip.
    • HiFonics Thor 6: $599.00
    • HiFonics Thor 10: $699.00






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