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Can-Am Defender Ranch Armor Rear Bumper

Ranch Armor has brought you a rear replacement bumper for the Can-Am Defender that makes your unit stronger, as well as looks great. Ranch Armor sets itself apart from the competition with our new bumper line for the Defenders. Our bumper replaces those...
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Can-Am Defender Quick Connect High Seat

A high seat solution for the CanAm Defender is here! A quick-connect seat that has been built from the ground up for the Can-Am Defender UTV's. With a large foot platform (largest amongst our high seats) at 18 inches wide and easy folding ladders,...
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Can-Am Defender Max Crew Metal Roof

Can-Am Defender Max crew metal roof that looks awesome and serves a utility purpose. Like all of our UTV metal roofs, we first look at how we can add value to the vehicle in terms of: protection from the elements, space for cargo, and of course...
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