A Texas Born & Texas Built Tradition...

It's hard to put into words how proud we are that our accessories are manufactured right here in Texas. Not only do we use the highest degree of perfection here in the lonestar state, BUT we source ALL raw materials from Texas or somewhere in the U.S.A. For example, our packaging materials such as: boxes and shrink wrap are produced down the road from us in San Antonio, TX.

Here are a few insights on origin of some of the materials used: Our hardware (nuts, bolts, screws, etc...) for assembly of Texas Outdoors products come from San Diego, California. That same hardware is produced from raw material sourced from a mill also in California. Our fabric and canvas for seats are produced in Negley, Ohio, and the raw material comes from Houston, TX. See where we are going with this?

We sell to customers and powersports dealers all over the world. It's not uncommon for someone to pay astronomical shipping rates to have a UTV Roof shipped outside the U.S. to places such as Australia. People buy into a brand, and with us you're buying into individuals who work hard every week, not NOT just here in Texas, but other locations around the U.S. that are essential in bringing you a Texas Outdoors accessory.

No matter where you are located on planet Earth, no matter what you're into: hunting, off-road, trail, ranch, utility, or just recreational use... We invite and hope that we can earn the chance to deliver one of our Texas Outdoor products, so you can see for yourself, the service and quality that sets us apart.

"Texas Born, Texas Built" - Texas Outdoors Team