A little bit about us and our values... 

First off, we’d like to thank our loyal customer base for allowing us to do what we do. Nick, the founder and president is a South Texas native with a love for the outdoors. Our main focus in the manufacturing of our UTV accessories is their longevity. We focus heavily on the quality and functionality of every product we produce.

We originally manufactured all of our products in Mexico. The products were good, but we desired more flexibility and wanted the marketplace to have a truly authentic American-made and Texas-born line of accessories available for UTVs and off-road machines. 

We now manufacture our entire Texas Outdoors line of products right here in South Texas. All material is sourced in the U.S.A., from the steel used to construct our accessories all the way to the packaging materials we use for shipping.

The bottom line is, we are a small company that loves the outdoors and fun toys. Our business ethics are simple: service, quality, and price. You'll find out quickly that we stand behind both our products and our brand. When you work with us, you're not just a number in our customer database; you are a highly valued and very important asset that we will strive to surpass expectations for. We don't want to do business with you once; Texas Outdoors wants to be on a "first thought" basis when you need something down the road. 

Give us a call or e-mail us with any questions or concerns. We respond in a timely manner – imagine that! We look forward to earning your business, both now and in the future!


Texas Outdoors Team